Back when I used to tinker with film, I’d used both the old take on this and Ilford Delta 3200 quite a bit, snapping away at friends’ gigs without really thinking.

Of course, once you’re thinking, everything becomes its own ball of anxiety and so while I’d got this roll as part of Analogue Wonderland’s low-light tie-in with Kodak, I’d not actually taken a film 35mm to a gig to use it between then and this month.

As I mentioned when posting those photos, IDLES’ lighting is a tricky one, and that’s reflected even more by the photos of them being… a haze of grain.

I did get a couple of decent shots of LIFE though, so all was not lost, and I’m definitely going to try and shoot more live on film where time and access allows.

I then used the bulk of the roll when in Northampton for a few hours (via getting one of the records my Dad wanted from Record Store Day’s output – there’s not an indie in Milton Keynes).

Obviously if you’re after grain and suggested grit it’s still good for daytime use (and there was enough grit in Northampton town centre that Saturday afternoon).

And a couple of gratuitous frames from near my office, why not?

20th April 2019